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Senior PHP Developer

Standard Focus Outsourcing Limited Nairobi


About the job
We are looking for someone to work closely with our product owners to help shape and build the future of our tools and products.
You'd spend your time developing and improving existing projects, for example:
➔ Building new websites and pages based on provided technical and functional specifications
➔ Implementing different strategies for existing products and tools based on requirements
We'd also do a ton of work together like:
➔ Architecting and developing new features
➔ Prototyping and evaluating potential implementations
You would spend a lot of time programming, brainstorming on hard problems, and prototyping different ideas. You wouldn't be just churning through tickets in the backlog — you'd be helping to design entirely new products, figuring out what exactly we're even building and why.
While being a somewhat big company, we're split into small teams which means that even though we each have our areas of expertise, we all wear many hats. We're looking for a programmer, but you'd also help out with things like: - Managing Git VCS issues and fixing bugs
➔ Writing and improving the documentation for the products and tools we make
➔ Helping customer support answer customer questions
➔ Troubleshooting problems during live communication with other teams
If you've ever maintained a large project, working with us carries a lot of the same responsibilities.
Here are a few recent projects you might have worked on if you were already part of the team:
➔ Building next version of our products from scratch with latest technologies
➔ Building a performance testing architecture and laying the groundwork that will be used company‐ wide
➔ Refactoring the actual production application to simplify and speed up performance without any down‐ time
Here are some of the technologies we work with day‐ to‐ day right now:
➔ Our main product itself is written in legacy PHP (Drupal7), and it is tested manually but we are working hard on changing that.
➔ We have our brand new version that is built with NodeJS and ExpressJS. - We use many different databases, but if you know MySQL you shouldn't have any problems.
➔ Redis is powering our cache, but it is also used as a "database" for some projects.
List of key skills we'd think you'd need
➔ English communication skills
➔ Git
➔ Linux terminal
List of optional skills we'd love you to have
➔ Ability to write and interpret technical documentation
➔ Agile/Scrum
➔ Drupal 7 and higher
➔ RabbitMQ
➔ Redis


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