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To be the overall responsible for supervision of children, their high quality education and general high standards teaching within the School.


General Duties

  • Ensure effective teaching and successful learning and development by all children.
  • Comply with policy and procedures regarding Confidentiality, Child Protection, Sexual Harassment and make sure that all Staff are well informed on these.
  • Respect the confidentiality of all matters relating to the School, staff, pupils, and families.
  • Attend appropriate training courses.
  • Attend Staff Meetings and other Meetings as directed by the School Management.
  • To take part in monthly supervision and annual performance management/appraisal.
  • Participate in Senior Leadership Team meetings and activities and in all other activities where requested.

Operational Duties

  • To lead in the development of the CBC for the school and ensure that parents are well informed about the curriculum and targets for improvement.
  • To implement, monitor, evaluate, and review the curriculum to identify areas for improvement and set targets for individual pupils.
  • To monitor, evaluate, and track pupils’ learning to ensure pupils make the necessary progress.
  • To implement the School’s Character Formation Program in a consistent and effective way.
  • To implement the Performance Management System of the school.
  • To comply to the Government’s Quality Assurance Standards for what pertains Secondary Education.
  • To ensure timely submission of Schemes of work from Teachers and in general to monitor, evaluate and correct all academic-related matters of the School
  • To advise the General Manager on effective staff development, training programs, HR-related issues.
  • To observe colleagues at work to improve their practice and to inform future School development.
  • To ensure staff are using a range of methods to engage all families.
  • To ensure effective and robust recruitment and induction arrangements are in place in line with School policies.
  • Regularly attend Professional Development Training Seminars to keep abreast of current educational trends.
  • Ensure that all staff actively engage in appropriate Professional Development and facilitate staff attendance at professional development activities.
  • Keep up to date with current educational thought and practice.
  • Develop and maintain a strategic marketing plan for the School in consultation with the School General Manager.
  • Oversee the preparation of all publicity materials: flyers, TV and newspaper advertisements, brochures and information folders.

SNE Duties

  • To Advise on the issuing of a School Inclusion Policy for SNE children.
  • To have day-to-day responsibility, in collaboration with the SNE Staff, for implementing the School’s Inclusion Policy and to work closely with staff and parents to support children with SN.
  • To take lead responsibility for the planning, delivery, review and monitoring of focused learning opportunities for individual SN children and to support key workers in the nursery to carry out focused tasks for individual children or small groups.
  • To liaise with workers from supporting agencies and coordinate visits/assessments in line with individual SN Action Plans. To prepare Education Healthcare Plans on individual children.
  • To ensure early identification and intervention is implemented across the School and that practitioners work closely with parents and carers at all stages.


Leadership and Administrative Duties

  • To work with the School Management in establishing priorities for expenditure and monitoring the effectiveness of spending and use of resources with a view to achieve value for money.
  • To hold management responsibility for specific strategic and curriculum areas as required.
  • To represent the School and its aims and achievements to Government’s Officers, QA inspectors, visitors, BOM members, parents, carers, and other members of the community.
  • To represent the School at external conferences, seminars and working parties as may be required.
  • To generate data, e.g. on children’s progress, and analyse the evidence of impact, using this to inform planning across the Centre.
  • To assist with whole school events (including, but not limited to, Thanksgiving Day, Talent’s day, etc.).
  • To work closely with the School’s General Manager to ensure the development of a high-standard School.
  • Make recommendation to the school Board of Management for improvement of facilities.
  • Ensure that Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Procedures areadhered to.
  • Maintain up to date files electronically and/or in print of all administrativesystems, such as: student records, staff records and archives.


  • Degree in Education; Master’s degree is a plus

More Details on Experience

  • Love for children, especially Special Needs ones
  • Previous and proven experience as a principal or in a similar role
  • Knowledge of school administrative processes and national educational regulations
  • Knowledge and passion for extra-curricular activities and education at large
  • Hands-on experience with MS Office and education management systems

More Details on Skills

  • Great presentation and communication skills
  • Crisis management and strategic thinking
  • Ability to coach and inspire
  • TSC compliant
  • Ability to lead and work with teams
  • Problem solving ability
  • Multi-tasking capability

Terms And Conditions

All applications to be received before 14th October 2022.