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1.  SOLICITATION NO.: 21-159

2.  ISSUANCE DATE: November 19, 2021.

3. CLOSING DATE/TIME FOR RECEIPT OF OFFERS: December 3, 2021 (4:30 PM East Africa Time).

4. POSITION TITLE: Project Management Specialist (Maternal Child Health, Family Planning, Reproductive Health).

5. MARKET VALUE: Equivalent to FSN-PSC 11 (Step 1: 4,792,523.00 KSH to Step 13: 8,147,267.00 KSH per annum). In accordance with AIDAR Appendix J and the Local Compensation Plan of USAID/Kenya and East Africa. Final compensation will be negotiated within the listed market value.

6. PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: Five-year contract with an initial probationary period of six (6) months. Within the five years, annual contract extensions are contingent on fully successful or better performance rating, funds availability and the continued need to retain the position.

7.  PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: Nairobi, Kenya; with possible travel as stated in the Statement of Work.

8.  SECURITY CERTIFICATION REQUIRED: Prior to joining USAID, the selected candidate will be required to:

  • Undergo a comprehensive background investigation
  • Undergo a health check to obtain medical clearance and;
  • Obtain and Retain an embassy issued Security Certification.


10.  AREA OF CONSIDERATION: Open to qualified Kenyan citizens and current employees of the U.S. Government. USAID provides equal opportunity and equitable treatment for employment of all people without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status or sexual orientation.

11.  PHYSICAL DEMANDS: The position requirements do not involve rigorous physical demands.


The Project Management Specialist (Maternal Child Health, Family Planning, Reproductive Health (MCH/FP/RH)) is an experienced public health manager with vast knowledge of Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health. This position is implemented within all the USAID KEA Development Objectives (Chronic Vulnerability, Wellbeing, Social systems and Regional impact as reflected in the Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) and Regional Development Cooperation Strategy (RDCS).

The Specialist provides technical, operational, and management support of the Reproductive Health, Maternal and Child Health (RH/MCH) portion to the Health, Population and Nutrition (HPN) Offices’ Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health Program Elements. This includes a full range of program planning, financial management, and monitoring and evaluation and reporting functions. The Project Management Specialist (Maternal Child Health, Family Planning, Reproductive Health (MCH /FP/ RH) works under the overall direction of the Director Center of Excellence (COE) Family Health, and reports to the MCH/RH Team Leader. The (Maternal Child Health, Family Planning, Reproductive Health (MCH/FP/ RH) will participate in the planning, implementation and monitoring of USAID-funded activities concerned with support to national and geographically based reproductive health (RH) and Maternal Child Health (MCH) services. S/He will support the MCH/RH Team Leader to ensure that RH/MCH activities are integrated into overall USAID-supported health activities and establish effective collaboration with the PEPFAR and PMI programs.

The Project Management Specialist will support the MCH/RH Team Leader in coordinating MCH/RH program and policy issues with the Government of Kenya (GOK). H/She will engage with GOK in health and across other sectors to ensure prioritization of USAID Programs. The Specialist will engage with USAID colleagues, PEPFAR and PMI to foster Integration and Joint programming, as well as engage across sectors including education, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH). H/She will engage other Development Partners, Private sector, non­ governmental organizations (NGOs) and other stakeholders working in the area of MCH/RH. In addition, the Project Management Specialist (Maternal Child Health, Family Planning, Reproductive Health (MCH/FP/RH) will provide high level engagement with Multilateral Organizations included Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), Global Financing Facility and Other regional Partnerships including Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD).




In support of the MCH/RH Team Leader (Family Health Team Leader), the Project Management Specialist will work in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health's Department of Reproductive Health, Division of Child and Adolescent Health and USAID colleagues. S/He will assist in the development of the annual FP and MCH Program Elements of the Operational Plan. This will include but is not limited to providing technical guidance in reproductive health, maternal and child health, water and sanitation activities, and emerging infectious diseases. The incumbent will provide technical assistance to ensure integration of RH/FP/MCH activities into the HIV/AIDS and Malaria activities:

  • The Project Management Specialist is an MCH/RH subject matter specialist and is responsible for advising the HPN Section Chief and the Director COE Family Health and others on county, national and regional matters of importance to the overall RH/MCH program. The Specialist must remain current on economic, political, and social trends in the Host Government and region, and analyze those trends in relation to their impact on USAID RH/MCH programs. 
  • Provide overall leadership and guidance to the health office, the mission and implementing partners on all aspects of reproductive, maternal and child heath programming, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. 
  • Provide technical and strategic leadership to relevant GOK, PMI and PEPFAR Inter-agency coordinating Committees and working groups relating to RH/MCH and integration with HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB and disease surveillance. 
  • Provide technical assistance to USAID and its partners in developing and implementing sound policies, strategies and programs that respond to health challenges  and are aligned with the Government of Kenya (GOK) and USAID priorities on Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health. 
  • Provide technical support to the mission on crosscutting areas such as Health system strengthening and integration of services including youth and adolescent reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, WASH, Malaria, TB and Emerging threats. 
  • Working with A/CORs, the incumbent will provide technical support through workplan and report reviews and field work, to bilateral partners implementing RMNCH activities across the Mission offices (Health, OEGI and education and OVC). 
  • Provide programmatic recommendations to the HPN office activities based on epidemiological, health, economic, political, and other trends affecting RH/MCH to strengthen health impact at the population level. 
  • Analyzes and compares programmatic options based on global best practices in RH/MCH USG objectives, resource availability, and cost effectiveness. 
  • Serve as an RMNCH technical resource and provides work guidance to other USAID Family Health Team members and the larger health office and the USAID KEA Mission.                                                            
  • In collaboration with the HPN Health Financing Team, represent USAID in advocacy Forums advancing health financing for RMNCH services including with NHIF, UHC, Planning, Budgeting including the MTEF Process. 
  • Maintains strategic working relationships with senior MOH officials up to the division and department levels, donor agencies, civil society organizations, private sector health counterparts and professional Associations to enhance regular and timely sharing of information on RH/MCH. 
  • Represent USAID in high level national and county forums to advance the Journey to Self-reliance in USAID programming – with political and technical leadership, in collaboration with HPN and the Larger Mission. 
  • Advance multisectoral collaboration within USAID programs and GOK between health and other sectors including Education, water sanitation and hygiene, nutrition, gender, social and children’s services. 
  • Represent HPN in Mission priority activities including development of the CDCS, Portfolio reviews, APS development, Forums advancing the Journey to self-reliance, national and international events and conferences. 
  • The Specialist will support annual or long-term budgeting for HPN programs and allocation of funds between programs/regions, I. Ps and the regional program.

2.  ROGRAM MANAGEMENT                                                    30% 

Manage several large USAID funded projects, providing technical, administrative and financial supervision, monitoring, and evaluation either as AOR/COR or Activity Manager or member of an Activity Management Team (AMT), the project management specialist (MCH/FP/RH) will do the following:  

  • Serve as AOR/COR or Activity Manager for contracts or cooperative agreements, either bilateral, or centrally procured (in coordination with the USAID/ Washington AOR/COR). As AOR/COR or activity manager, oversee the development and implementation of annual work plans, schedules for budget allocation, obligation, and expenditure, portfolio reviews, evaluation planning and implementation, audits, development and outreach communications, and closeouts. 
  • The Specialist is responsible for monitoring activities and providing technical and management oversight to Implementing Partners (IPs), working closely with the Contracts Office to ensure contractual compliance by IPs. 
  • The Specialist will support other HPN AOR/CORs and as part of a an activity management team, review workplans and program reports, conduct financial monitoring including supporting audit processes and site visits. 
  • The Specialist will participate in design, management, implementation, evaluation, and monitoring of HPN integrated program/project/portfolio including collaboration with other sectors such as education, youth, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). 
  • The Specialist will work with office of Acquisition and Assistance in Contracting for mid-term and end-of-project evaluations and audit. 
  • The Specialist will be responsible for planning and executing HPN, Mission, Washington and high-level site visits as required.       


Participate in USG, USAID, and MOH policy, strategy, and planning and reporting activities: 

  • The Specialist provides technical assistance to the Ministry of Health in development of national strategies, policies, such as the National Health Sector Strategic Plan II, Annual Operating Plans, and the Reproductive, Maternal Child Health Policies and strategies. 
  • The Specialist is responsible for monitoring and reporting on developments in the MCH/RH based on an in-depth understanding of USAID policy and program objectives and priorities; the Specialist prepares technical and policy analyses, evaluates sectoral issues, and provides input to Mission activities outside of the Health portfolio, but particularly with respect to the assigned sector. Summarizes information and conclusions in written and oral form for presentation to senior USG, and other, decision makers, and for incorporation into other USAID Mission activity documents e.g. gender strategy, youth, education among others. 
  • Prepares documents for Mission reporting, administration, and planning, including the Operational plan (OP), Program Performance Plan Review (PPR), PEPFAR Country Operational Plan, Technical Notifications, and Semi-Annual Portfolio Implementation reviews. 
  • Prepares written reports that reflect a sound understanding of assigned areas of responsibility, and that clearly document that a wide variety of sources and points of view have been consulted in undertaking analyses, and in drawing conclusions. Prepares oral and written briefings and talking points for the Section Chief and others upon request. 
  • Strives to enhance achievement of results through regular review of the development context and activity performance identifying problem areas and developing solutions through innovations as part of continuous learning and adaptation (CLA). 
  • Works in coordination with the COE Family Health Team and the Health Analytics team to oversee the development of project and activity-level M&E plans, data quality assessments, evaluation designs, and provide technical input into high quality evaluations conducted by HPN and the Program Office. 
  • The Specialist works closely with the Health Analytics team and ensures that performance -monitoring systems are in place, and that periodic, reliable measures and indicators of portfolio impact are established. 
  • In collaboration with the Health Analytics team, supports collaboration, learning and adjusting process to ensure continuous enhancement of the RMNCH activities. 
  • The Specialist provides technical support to implementing partners in the Family Health program to implement the reporting requirements for the PPR. 
  • In collaboration with the HPN Partnership and Operations Team provides technical assistance to regional health programs as it pertains to MCH and Child Health and attends relevant Regional Forums.


A.  Supervision Received: The Project Management Specialist works under the guidance of the Director, COE Family Health and the closer but general supervision of the MCH/RH Team Leader. The supervisor makes assignments in terms of overall objectives and resources available. Completed work is reviewed in terms of achievement of program/ project/activity goals, effectiveness in meeting goals and objectives, and integration with other initiatives in the HPN Office and Mission portfolio. Some technical direction may come from other professionals in the Office; in general, however, the Specialist will be expected to exercise considerable autonomy and best judgment in discharging the duties of the assignment. 

B. Supervision Exercised: Continuing supervision of other Health and/or Mission Staff is not anticipated. 

C. Available Guidelines: USAID directives, Mission Orders, and USAID policies, strategies, and annual operational plans, as well as best practices from the RH/FP/CS literature. Many guidelines are general in nature and not specific to the situation at hand; in situations where considerable interpretation is required the incumbent will coordinate with appropriate superiors. 

D. Exercise of Judgment: Independent judgment will be exercised in the day-to-day management of assigned activities. Substantive meetings with USG partners, host-government officials and representatives of implementing agencies. The incumbent will possess the ability to assess the validity and appropriateness of data used to monitor program implementation and impact. Within a range determined by the incumbent and superiors, the incumbent exercises independent judgment in planning and follow-up of actions and assignments.

E.  Authority to Make Commitments: The Specialist has no authority to commit the USG to the expenditure of funds, but within the limits of training and experience may make administrative arrangements consistent with ADS guidance and Mission policy. The incumbent takes action and establishes priorities based on available guidelines and practical judgment, but guidance must be sought when needed. The Specialist makes authoritative recommendations on policy and strategy. Helps allocate budgets and make operational decisions with respect to Reproductive Health, Family Planning and Maternal and Child Health resources.

F.  Nature, Level, and Purpose of Contacts: Meets on a regular basis with directors of national programs and senior level personnel, up to Permanent Secretary level, and with senior management within USAID, other USG agencies, and the Embassy. The Specialist has a wide range of contacts within the HPN office and the Mission and maintains contact with counterparts and peers in contractor and grantee organizations implementing USAID-funded programs/projects in the sector. Host-government, local, and other contacts vary widely with the type of activity being managed but are usually-at the counterpart level. When traveling with or in lieu of the supervisor, the Specialist may have frequent and substantive personal contacts with IPs, local officials, and with the private sector, and may be called upon to explain USAID monitoring and evaluation policies, objectives, and procedures. The incumbent must possess the intellectual and communications skills necessary to establish and maintain these contacts.

G.  Time Expected to Reach Full Performance Level: One year.

Master’s Degree In Public Health, Medicine Or Clinical Health


Any application that does not meet the minimum requirements stated below will not be evaluated. Only short-listed applicants will be contacted. If you have not been contacted within one month from the closing date of this advertisement, please consider your application unsuccessful.


Education: A Master’s degree in Public Health, Medicine or Clinical health is required.

Post Entry Training: Familiarization training in USAID-specific procedures, regulations, and methods. Orientation to working from a donor-Agency perspective, etc., will be provided. Formal CTO certification courses, training to maintain professional capability in the field, and other courses offered for professional USAID staff, as appropriate; and, courses, seminars, conferences, and other activities in fields related to the function and needed to maintain and update professional qualifications as they become available, subject to availability of funds.

Language Proficiency: Level IV English and Kiswahili proficiency, with proven English writing skills, required.

More Details on Experience

Prior Work Experience: At least five (5) years of progressively responsible positions in the management of FP, RH, and/or CS service delivery programs is required. At least three years of this experience should have been in development assistance, or related, work for donor agencies, host-government organizations, international organizations, NGOs, or private sector institutions.

Job Knowledge: Must possess thorough knowledge of the technical areas of this position. Must have a thorough understanding of health development programming, policies, procedures, and practices. A comprehensive knowledge of Government of Kenya and NGO service delivery policies and programs in the health sector, especially Reproductive, Maternal Child Health is required. Must have a thorough understanding and knowledge of the health sector and related issues and programs in sub-Saharan Africa. Must have an understanding of the nature and the goals of the major program to which the employee is assigned. Must have a comprehensive knowledge, or the potential to acquire such knowledge, of USG programming policies, and regulations, procedures, and practices which bear on program/project management.

More Details on Skills

Skills and Abilities: Excellent interpersonal and communications skills to establish and maintain effective contacts within USAID, implementing partners, relevant GOK counterparts, other donors, private sector and civil society organizations. Able to monitor, gather and evaluate information of broad scope and complexity in the areas of RH, FP, and CS. Must be able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. Must have a high level of independence and be able to work on his/her own with minimal oversight. The incumbent must be able to work in a stressful, psychologically demanding environment to meet project deadlines. Must be a self-starter with strong diplomatic and leadership qualities. HPN has a strong team management approach, and the Specialist will be working collaboratively in teams composed of staff from, throughout the Mission and with external partners and agencies.

Terms And Conditions


Applicants must submit a resume/cv which describes how their relevant professional experience and education has prepared them to meet the specific challenges of the duties and responsibilities described above.  As part of the interview process, those applicants ranked highest may be required to submit a timed writing sample on a topic provided.  The selection committee may conduct reference checks at any time during the selection process.

Applications that do not meet the required minimum qualifications will not be scored. 

  • Prior work experience (30 points)
  • Job Knowledge (40 points)
  • Skills and abilities (30 points)

Total possible points:  100

Candidates meeting the above required qualifications for the position will be evaluated based on information presented in the application and reference checks.   References will be asked to assess the applicant’s technical knowledge, work performance, communication skills, and group dynamics, using the above criteria.   USAID reserves the right to conduct interviews with the top ranked short-listed applicants.  The interview will be one of the determining factors in the final selection.


Step 1: Register in MyJobsInKenya at

Step 2: Current USG Employees: Attach an updated curriculum vitae/resume (no more than five pages), a copy of your most recent Performance Evaluation Report, and copies of all relevant certificates. Scan and attach all the documents and upload to MyJobsInKenya.


External Applicants/Not Current USG Employees: Attach an updated curriculum vitae/resume (no more than five pages) and copies of all relevant certificates. Scan and attach all the documents upload to MyJobsInKenya.

Note to Applicants:

1.  Applications must be received by the closing date and time specified in Section I, item 3, and submitted through as stated in Section IV.

2.  Submissions will only be accepted through Late and Incomplete applications (those that do not contain the applicant’s most current and up to date detailed CV and relevant education certificates) will not be considered for the position. The closing date for receipt of applications is indicated above.

3. USAID provides equal opportunity and equitable treatment for employment of all people without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status or sexual orientation.

4.  Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. Any form of canvassing will lead to automatic disqualification.