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Monitoring Evaluation And Learning Manager

Justice Defenders Nairobi


As a monitoring Evaluation and Learning Manager, you will be a member of the programs department. The Manager will be responsible for all MEL related program actions (design/proposal development, project start-up, implementation and close-out), providing technical MEL leadership for all program sectors with specific attention to data quality and use.

Major Roles

Oversee and ensuring M&E becomes a central part of how the organization operates and delivers its mission and objectives; Work with the project leads to ensure that data analysis is sound, supportable, actionable and interpretable.



  • Champion M&E across the organization, being responsible for ensuring M&E becomes a central part of how the organisation operates and delivers its mission and objectives;
  • Work with the project leads to ensure that data analysis is sound, supportable, actionable and interpretable.
  • Mentor and guide small teams on project execution; required to lead by example.
  • Ensure consistency of indicators across programs, with the goal of developing systems and procedures.
  • Ensure the adoption of gender-sensitive analysis and practices among all direct reports.
  • Support greater sharing and use of gender-sensitive monitoring data, feedback, context analysis, and lessons learned within and across JD's programmatic sectors, including by contributing to program development and design, to ensure that interventions are responsive to the needs of clients and are informed by a sound understanding of the context.
  • Provide strategic direction for the development and optimization of MEL systems and resources to account for the Program’s growth programming portfolio.
  • Ensure the Program meets JD’s monitoring standards for improved monitoring practices, data quality, and use of data within the organization.
  • Lead the development and review of proposal log frames, indicators and measurement to support long-term planning for the funding of all MEL functions, infrastructure, methodologies, plans, and tools.
  • Promote results-based approach to M&E, emphasizing on results and impacts.
  • Follow up on monthly reports from staff on programme progress against work plan and provide feedback highlighting areas of concern and progress and ensure their timely submission.
  • Provide a measurable development plan including on-the-job learning with the aim of strengthening technical capacity, exchanging knowledge within the team, and providing guidance on career paths.
  • Be the technical lead on cross-country evaluation projects including assessing the secondary impact of our core programme and how impact differs among different segments of our population.
  • Create lasting and noticeable impact for hundreds of thousands of prisoners and prisons staff

Bsc Statistics Bachelors Degree Masters Or Ph.d. Econometrics

  • We are seeking exceptional professionals with Graduate degree (Masters or Ph.D.), preferably in the fields of econometrics or statistics.
  • Language: English required

More Details on Experience

  • Experience in proposal writing and resource mobilization strategies.
  • Passionate and excited by the goal of using M&E to articulate and increase the impact and effectiveness of organization.
  • Have the passion and ability to evaluate and collect data robustly.
  • Knowledge to use M&E to contribute to organization fundraising efforts.
  • Knowledge of how to blend M&E with good communication functions;
  • Ability to integrate M&E into organisation operations and strategy.
  • Strong, relevant work experience evaluating programmes;
  • Advanced proficiency in Statistics necessary (note, this will be tested during the interview process), along with a deep understanding of statistics, evaluation design concepts, social value and impact assessment.
  • Driving programme indicators, with experience of qualifying social return on investment, social value indicators. Shaping KPIs for each programme and undertaking analysis of performance against all these.

More Details on Skills

  • Ability to explain technical concepts in plain coherent, lay terms.
  • Ability to grow others’ analytical skills.
  • Humility and personal stability. We have a fantastic and likeable team. We are looking for passionate professionals who combine strong leadership skills with good humor, patience, and a humble approach to service.
  • Able to make operational decisions.
  • Has the ability to manage and work with external evaluators.
  • Able to systematically and routinely collect information from projects and programmes.
  • Able to give a high level of attention to detail when writing documents, reports and emails.
  • Can demonstrate internal and external accountability.
  • Able to show how they have made informed decisions on initiatives.
  • Able to produce evaluation reports with what is required; eg, relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability.
  • Able to work with senior management.
  • Able to confidently articulate their reports and recommendations to improve and share lessons learnt.
  • Designing and conducting group training on applied statistics concepts.

Terms And Conditions

Please send just your CV and Covering Letter by 4th June 2020 to: Human Resource and Administration Manager. Email: [email protected] CV should not be more than 3 pages long/ education certificates or references are not required at this stage.