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EU Energy Capacity Building Project Manager

IED Nairobi


The objective of the project is to assist the national energy institutions and the county governments through a comprehensive capacity development programme in developing resilient and implementable sustainable energy plans. The project was launched on September 15 2020 and is currently in its inception phase.

Areas of intervention:

Experts required:
IT and communications expert


Purpose of the activity:
• To develop a communications strategy for the project
• To create a visual identity for the project
• To make the project visible by creating a website including a public platform to enable sharing of project content and agenda, as well as password restricted areas enabling the main stakeholders to access
information and content in a centralised location.
Tasks to be covered by the expert(s):
• Develop, in collaboration with the Team Leader and the MoE Communication Expert, a preliminary communication strategy to promote the visibility of the project during the inception period and encourage stakeholder and public engagement
• Develop a graphic identity for the project (logo, format/graphic design for report, information brochures, flyers and kakemonos)
• Develop a preliminary version of the project’s website, presenting the project, its objectives, its programme, and its management structure, and preparing open and restricting areas for information and material filing and sharing.
• Assist the Team Leader in editing the project brief, a flyer and other promotional materials

Bachelor Of Business Administration

Necessary professional inputs:
• New title for the project
Expected results:
• The project is visible, and its graphic identity is known by the main project stakeholders.
• A website is online by November 15 2020, with a sufficient level of information for generating interest
and commitment among the project stakeholders
• A preliminary communication strategy is drafted and an agenda for further development and
implementation is accepted by the MoE.
• Communication materials such as a project brief, flyer, and kakemono are available

More Details on Experience

        Deliverable                            Responsibility                   Due date

  • Draft communication  Consultant   2 weeks after contract signature


  • Graphic identity       Consultant     3 weeks after contract signature 
  • Draft concept for      Consultant     3 weeks after contract signature 


  • Website online         Consultant     4 weeks after contract signature 

More Details on Skills

Contract runs from: 

Start date November 23 2020
 End date December 19 2020

Terms And Conditions

Interested parties should send in their proposals on or before 25th November 2020