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Director – Human Resources & Admin

SHOFCO Nairobi


Job Title: Director Human Resources

Location: Kibera

Reporting to: Chief Executive Officer 

Probationary Period: 3months

This role, reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, and a member of the Senior Management Team (SMT), leads a team responsible for ensuring that all SHOFCO’s work is supported so that it can be delivered efficiently, in full compliance with any requirement of the SHOFCO Board of Directors or Kenyan Government Policy and with consistency to brand and values.

Leading the human resourcing team, the Director, Human Resources is the guardian of all policies and oversees the design, development, delivery and monitoring of a range of support services including HR and internal communications; people and services; information and policy management; and productivity.

The role is a member of the Senior Management Team which is the senior leadership and decision-making team of SHOFCO. Reflecting SHOFCO’s values in its behaviour and led by the Chief Executive Officer, the SMT is made up of Seven core departments which, working together and mutually accountable, are responsible for development and delivery of a the SHOFCO plan. The SMT designs and delivers an annual business plan and budget, oversees the realization of impact and value for money and manages risk and assurance in relation to quality and compliance.

The overall aim of the Human Resources department: To be responsible for spearheading organisation-wide efforts in sourcing for the best talent and maintaining effective programs for retention, promotion, and succession planning; with the aim of availing the right talent for the delivery of SHOFCO’s strategic ambitions.

The primary responsibility of this role is to further our  vison of: Building Urban Promise from Urban Poverty.

The post holder commits to and is held accountable to the SHOFCO values: Transparency, Integrity, Accountability, Respect, Grassroots, Innovation



This post has six key responsibilities and related deliverables:

  1. The excellent leadership of two linked service teams namely: People & Development and Administration
  2. The oversight and management of risks associated with these service areas (policies, contracts, hr liabilities, etc.)
  3. The realization of efficiencies as a result of excellent systems, policies, and procedures.
  4. Oversee of Health and Safety in the workplace and responsible for SHOFCO’s duty of care to its workforce.
  5. Efficient management of Governance and Regulatory Affairs.
  6. Learning and Development.


  1. The excellent leadership of the human resources department

Activities include:

  • Clear and inspirational leadership to create a mutually supportive, motivated, and trusted team developing individual and collective strengths while understanding the limits of their respective authority areas.
  • Day to day management and supervision for excellent planning and accountability across SMT and Management teams to which staff relate.
  • Clear plans communicate internally and externally to SHOFCO teams on the work of teams.
  • Individual performance management to nurture skills and address weakness.
  • Budget oversight and management of the whole team's activities.
  • Matrix management of SHOFCO’s managers to ensure adherence to critical policies and procedures.
  1. The oversight and management of risks associated with these service areas (contracts, HR liabilities)

Activities include:

  • Negotiating employment contracts.
  • Development, roll out and activation of HR and Admin policies in line with SHOFCO vision, mission, and values.
  1. The realization of efficiencies as a result of excellent systems and procedures.

Activities include:

  • Monitoring and analysis of all policies and procedures as they support compliant and efficient support services work in line with values.
  • Communication and roll-out of policies through excellent induction and staff briefing activities.
  • Establishments of OGSMs against each support service areas to support performance monitoring.
  • Field visits to SHOFCO sites to ensure staff issues are addressed in a timely manner and corrective action taken where necessary.
  1. Management of Health and Safety in the workplace responsible for SHOFCO’s duty of care to its workforce

Activities include:

  • Development and delivery of effective training to support staff health & Safety.
  • Self-assessment and regular safety checks and documentation across all workplace environments.
  • Register of incidents and action planning.
  • Development and delivery of effective training to support staff health & Safety.
  1. Learning and Development
  • Develop learning and development policy in collaboration with the Senior Management team.
  • Identify the learning and development needs of the human resources team, where appropriate provide tailored training and support.
  • Evaluate and access the impact of learning initiatives and activities.
  1. Administration Function
  • General office services, office, and ground cleanliness.
  • Office supplies.

Mater's In Business Administration Master's In Hr

Masters Degree in Business Administration, HR, or in any related disciplines.

More Details on Experience

  • Experience in an NGO at a senior managerial position.
  • Demonstrated experience in managing teams across SHOFCO sites.
  • Proven experience in establishing and achieving team goals and deliverables with systematic planning and KPIs.
  • Budget management

More Details on Skills

  • Strong leadership skills and the ability to inspire and engage a team for high performance.
  • Highly systematic and organized to ensure tight management of systems and record keeping.
  • Excellent communication skills for negotiation and conflict resolution.

Terms And Conditions

Successful performance at SHOFCO is not simply defined in terms of ‘what’ people achieve, but equally is about ‘how’ people go about their jobs and the impact that they have on others. There are 10 key behaviors that SHOFCO encourages in all employees and they are defined below:

  • Examining Information: Processing information, asking probing questions, and Finding solutions.
  • Adapting practical approaches: Applying practical skills, Learning by doing and applying common sense.
  • Articulating information: Giving presentations, explaining things and projecting social confidence.
  • Making decisions: Deciding on action, assuming responsibility and standing by decisions.
  • Thinking positively: Being optimistic, recovering from setbacks and projecting cheerfulness.
  • Team working: Working participatively, encouraging team contributions and involving others in decisions.
  • Checking things: Finding errors, ensuring accuracy and finishing tasks.
  • Managing tasks: Working methodically, planning activities and setting priorities.
  • Taking action: Making things happen, using initiative and investing energy.
  • Pursuing goals: Achieving outstanding results, acting with determination and persisting through difficulties

All applications to be submitted before 26th September 2020