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Apex Porter Novelli Nairobi


About our Company
We are Apex Porter Novelli ( a full-service Public Relations and Strategic communications agency, known for producing highly effective work that deliver results that support our clients business and organizational objectives. We are brand partner of Porter Novelli ( ) the global communication agency which gives
us access to world class tools and resources. We have been in business for more than 15 years and our work has not only delivered real business results for our clients, but it has made a difference in the lives of those groups of people who matter.

Job Summary

In this role, you work with the MD and the leadership of the firm to refine and facilitate consistent application of processes and systems across the company’s business operations to ensure that work is delivered with consistent quality and is aligned with the company’s mission and strategic business objectives


We might be a good fit for you, if you find fulfillment in:

  1. Working with people around shared goals and motivating them to get things done.
  2. Working with details and focusing on results and ensuring follow through and accountability of directly responsible individuals.
  3. Planning to ensure that individuals and teams are executing against a set of key result areas and reporting on metrics that move the business forward across the board.
  4. Developing and working with teams and coaching them to constantly improve business processes and systems to ensure consistent delivery of work to clients against set standards.
  5. Tracking and managing reporting against a dashboard of key results and deliverables that move the business forward.
  6. Backstopping the client and technical teams and organizing knowledge, building and maintaining official documentation, data bases, reporting and documents filing system.
  7. Acting as stakeholder in the company (taking initiative and ownership of your work, making decisions, thinking ahead and delivering complete actions, working with others to constantly make things better)


More Details on Experience

What we are looking for:

  • Ability to help the team members across the agency maintain linkage between the day- to -day operations and the strategic objectives of the business.Strong attention to detail and a completer/finisher with quick turn-around times.
  • Mastery in written business communication in different formats.
  • Proactive individuals who take ownership of problems and develop solutions and deliver complete actions.
  • A growth mind-set—your default setting is one of a learner—you are constantly challenging how things are done and are seeking ways to improve them.
  • Capability to provide executive level operational office and secretarial support

More Details on Skills

  • Exceptional organizational skills and follow through to deliver complete actions.

Terms And Conditions

If you think you are a good fit, please answer these questions and send them to: [email protected]
Do not send your CV.
1. Why are you a good fit?
2. What is culture to a company?
3. What will be your role as a leader?
4. What makes a team great?
5. What is the role of processes in running a business?