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72061524R10008 Project Management Specialist (Education)

USAID Kenya Nairobi, Kenya




  1. SOLICITATION NO.: 72061524R10008
  2. ISSUANCE DATE: November 15, 2023
  3. CLOSING DATE AND TIME FOR RECEIPT OF OFFERS: November 29, 2023 (4:30 PM East Africa Time).
  4. POINT OF CONTACT: USAID Kenya and East Africa Human Resources, e-mail at [email protected]
  5. POSITION TITLE: Project Management Specialist (Education)
  6. MARKET VALUE: Equivalent to FSN-11 Step 1 (4,792,523 KSH per annum) to Step 13 (8,147,267 KSH per annum). In accordance with AIDAR Appendix J and the Local Compensation Plan of USAID/Kenya and East Africa. Final compensation will be negotiated within the listed market value.
  7. PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: The services provided under this contract are expected to be of a continuing nature that will be executed by USAID through a series of sequential contracts, subject to the availability of funds, the continued need for services and successful performance. It is anticipated that the selection of the successful candidate will be completed within an estimated six-month period from the closing date of this solicitation. The base period will be for one year with the commencement date based upon successful medical clearance and security certification. Contingent on Agency needs, the Contracting Officer may exercise four additional option periods from the contract commencement date.
  8. PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: Nairobi, Kenya; with possible travel as stated in the Statement of Duties.
  9. ELIGIBLE OFFERORS: Open to qualified Kenyan Citizens, including current locally hired employees of the US Government in Kenya. Employees presently on probation are ineligible to apply.
  10. SECURITY LEVEL REQUIRED: Security certification issued by the US Embassy RSO.


General Statement of Purpose of the Contract

The Project Management Specialist (Education) is a specialist in the field of education in Kenya, with a focus on basic education programs. This position is in USAID/Kenya and East Africa’s (USAID/KEA) Office of Education and Youth (EDY). Within EDY, this position works with the Basic Education Team to contribute to the Mission’s education strategy which aims to strengthen basic education by increasing the foundational skills that are key for future learning and success. The position is critical to implementing the Mission’s Country Development and Cooperation Strategy (CDCS), USAID’s Policy Framework/Journey to Self-Reliance, USAID’s Education Policy, and the U.S. Government’s (USG) Strategy on International Basic Education.

The Project Management Specialist (Education) provides technical expertise to EDY and other USAID/KEA offices on matters related to basic education. As the Agreement Officer’s Representative (AOR) and/or Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR), the incumbent participates in the design, procurement, negotiation, management, monitoring, and evaluation of education activities. S/he will work in coordination with other technical offices (Economic Growth; Health, Population and Nutrition; and Democracy, Governance and Conflict) at USAID/KEA and U.S. Embassy Nairobi to coordinate USAID’s education priorities within complementary cross-sector initiatives. The incumbent will establish and maintain working relationships with Government of Kenya (GoK) officials at the national and sub-national levels to ensure alignment of USAID education activities with GoK education priorities. The incumbent will also coordinate with other development partners, multilateral organizations, international non-governmental organizations, and the private sector to maximize USG investments and ensure effective and complementary program implementation.


Statement of Duties to be Performed

Manage USAID/KEA’s Basic Education Program (50%)

  • Serves as the Mission expert in charge of the development, management, and implementation of basic education projects. Keeps Mission staff informed of developments in education programming and provides technical guidance on how these may be applied within the Mission setting. 
  • Achieves USAID/KEA objectives in the education sector through AOR/COR management of awards focusing on basic education with cross-cutting focus on gender, vulnerable populations, ICT, and public-private partnerships. Provides technical direction, guidance, and oversight of education activities; monitors activity progress against objectives; ensures compliance with terms and conditions of agreements; ensures timeliness of implementation; monitors budgets, pipelines, accruals, and other financial matters; and manages activity closeout. 
  • Provides oversight to implementing partners’ expenditures. Participates in activity budget formulation and review of expenditures to ensure U.S. taxpayers’ money is spent responsibly. Coordinates with USAID/KEA support offices to monitor implementing partners’ adherence to USAID financial and management procedures. Flags and resolves any financial or other non-compliance through consultation with USAID/KEA and implementing partners. Coordinates with USAID/KEA Office of Financial Management to ensure implementing partner accountability for audit findings. 
  • Liaises with senior GoK officials and implementing partners to ensure USAID/KEA education awards align with GoK education sector priorities. Identifies opportunities for USG collaboration with GoK; remains abreast of evolving GoK priorities; facilitates dialogue between USAID activities and GoK counterparts. Represents USAID at GoK meetings and other events on issues related to education. 
  • Cultivates and maintains a wide range of contacts with the private sector, non-governmental institutions, and other multilateral and bilateral donors on matters relating to education programming to ensure proper activity design and implementation. Represents USAID at donor coordination meetings and other events on issues related to education.
  • Analyzes economic, political, and other trends affecting education both locally and globally. Identifies opportunities to further meet U.S. Government foreign policy and GoK education policy objectives. Provides findings with appropriate recommendations to the EDY Office Chief.
  • Assists the EDY Office Chief and participates in all aspects of strategic and program planning for project activities relating to basic education including assistance with: a) representing the Mission in consultations and negotiations with GoK officials; and b) developing and coordinating all necessary Mission and Embassy initiatives related to education.
  • Serves as designated AOR/COR and Activity Manager for Mission awards within the EDY office. 
  • Consults with staff of the technical offices of Economic Growth; Democracy, Governance and Conflict; and Health, Population and Nutrition to identify collaboration opportunities in education, youth, gender, health, and governance. Tracks and coordinates education-related programs, policies, and initiatives across the broader U.S. Embassy.
  • Serve as Control Officer or Site Officer for VIP visits to USAID activity sites. Responsibilities include preparing briefing materials, arranging logistics, drafting remarks and talking points.                      

Assessment, Monitoring, Evaluation Data Management, and Reporting (30%)

  • Develops and manages data to be used for assessments and monitoring, and maintains evaluation tools, calendars, forms, guidelines, procedures, results, outcomes, mechanisms, and all other useful information as necessary. With respect to guidelines and procedures, the incumbent is responsible for assuring Mission compliance with ADS (Automated Directives System) 203.3.3 through 203.3.6 regarding performance measurement and evaluations.
  • Leads activity monitoring and evaluation. Makes regular site visits to monitor activity implementation and addresses arising issues. Evaluates implementing partner performance; maintains activity records and status reports; prepares project documentation; and provides solutions to implementation problems.
  • Identifies and tracks performance indicators for education activities. 
  • Demonstrates familiarity with education and youth programming activities of other significant donors operating in Kenya for the purpose of improving data collection and analyses, and coordination through the sharing of information.
  • As needed, assesses the training requirements of implementing partners with respect to education development activities, and develops and delivers appropriate training materials and courses. 

Analyze Program Effectiveness (20%)                 

  • Establishes systems or procedures to regularly assess program effectiveness.
  • Analyzes select partner reports on education programming and identifies areas of concern to Mission management.
  • Independently conducts formal or informal reviews to assess program accomplishments. Analyzes program processes and impact and makes recommendations for effective changes. 
  • Coordinates with the UDAID/KEA Development Outreach and Communication Specialist to develop communication content highlighting programmatic accomplishments and USAID education investments in Kenya. 
  • Works closely with implementing partners to ensure that achievements and lessons learned are disseminated as appropriate to GoK, non-governmental organizations, and donor stakeholders. 
  • Contributes to the successful implementation of the USAID/KEA CDCS and education programming. 
  • The job holder is required to perform work-related travel.

Supervisory Relationship

The Project Management Specialist (Education) will receive overall supervision, policy guidance, and managerial oversight from the EDY Office Chief or his/her designate. S/he will give assignments verbally, set overall priorities and deadlines, and review the incumbent's completed work.

Supervisory Controls


Physical Demands

The work requested does not involve undue physical demands.



Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in Education, Social Development, or another relevant discipline is required.

More Details on Experience

Prior Work Experience

A minimum of five (5) years relevant professional experience in International Development, including field experience in education, vocational education, social development activities, or youth employment creation, is required. S/he must demonstrate technical expertise and experience in managing and/or supervising programs/projects/activities funded by international donors.

Language Proficiency

Level IV English speaking, reading, and writing skills is required, and good working knowledge of Kiswahili. Incumbent must be able to produce publishable quality written documentation and to make oral presentations before high level officials.


Terms And Conditions


The Government may award a contract without discussions with offerors in accordance with FAR 52.215-1.  The CO reserves the right at any point in the evaluation process to establish a competitive range of offerors with whom negotiations will be conducted pursuant to FAR 15.306(c).  In accordance with FAR 52.215-1, if the CO determines that the number of offers that would otherwise be in the competitive range exceeds the number at which an efficient competition can be conducted, the CO may limit the number of offerors in the competitive range to the greatest number that will permit an efficient competition among the most highly rated offers.  The FAR provisions referenced above are available at

Basic Education Program Management Experience (35 points)

This position requires a specialist in the field of education in Kenya with a focus on basic education programming. Relevant programming experience includes early grade reading, remediation, distance learning, disability and inclusive education, teacher training/coaching/mentoring, education system strengthening, education and technology, continuous assessment of student learning, girls’ education, education in crisis or conflict settings, accelerated learning, and other related technical areas at the basic education level. The incumbent must be able to design, procure, negotiate, manage, monitor, and evaluate USAID-funded basic education programs. The incumbent should have sufficient skills or experience to effectively engage a wide range of partners across various sectors in advancing basic education priorities and delivering results.

Job Knowledge (30 points) 

Knowledge of the concepts, principles, techniques, and practices, substantive and administrative elements of education programming in Kenya. Thorough knowledge of Kenya's economic, political, social, and cultural characteristics and of the history of development assistance activities in Kenya is required. Must be able to obtain, analyze and evaluate complex data to prepare precise and accurate reports and oral briefings of information received. Must be thoroughly proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, particularly MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS PowerPoint, and other word processing packages and online collaboration tools such as Google Suite.

Skills and Abilities (35 points) 

The incumbent operates independently, and his/her work is reviewed primarily on the basis of results achieved within the broad constraints of policy and priorities. The incumbent must be able to independently analyze political, social, economic, and policy issues and formulate, present, and successfully defend complex investment structures and implementation actions around basic education development in a clear, effective and professional manner. The incumbent must be able to develop and maintain an extensive range of contacts with highest and working level officials throughout the Mission, as well as GoK officials, donors, the private sector, and nongovernmental participating organizations. The incumbent must be able to effectively identify, mobilize, and draw upon the expertise of technical and managerial personnel in the Mission. The incumbent must be able to track and evaluate the latest developments in the education arena. The ability to provide information and advice with objectivity is required. The ability to orient, train, and supervise lower-level Foreign Service National personnel, when appropriate, is required. A high level of English language writing ability, strong knowledge of computer software, administrative and management skills, policy and diplomacy skills are necessary. The position requires strong communication, mentoring, interpersonal, teamwork, and leadership skills, as well as the ability to prepare reports and technical and policy briefs, sometimes with short deadlines.

Total possible points: 100


Step 1: Register in MyJobsInKenya at

Step 2: Complete the job application at

Step 3: Internal Offerors/Current USG Employees: Attach an updated curriculum vitae/resume (no more than five pages), a copy of your most recent Performance Evaluation Report, and copies of all relevant certificates. Scan and attach all the documents as one attachment and upload them to MyJobsInKenya.


External Offerors/Not Current USG Employees: Attach an updated curriculum vitae/resume (no more than five pages) and copies of all relevant certificates. Scan and attach all the documents as one attachment and upload them to MyJobsInKenya.

Offerors must provide a list of minimum three (3) professional references who are not family members or relatives, with complete name, title, organization where he/she works, description of relationship, with working/accurate telephone numbers and email addresses. The offeror’s references must be able to provide substantive information about his/her past performance and abilities.

Note to Applicants:

  1. Offers must be received by the closing date and time specified in Section I, item 3, and submitted through
  2. Submissions will only be accepted through Late and incomplete applications (those that do not contain the applicant’s most current and up to date detailed CV and relevant education certificates) will not be considered for the position.
  3. All Applicants must provide at least three professional references, who are not family members or relatives, with working telephone and e-mail contacts. The references must be able to provide substantive information about your past performance and abilities. USAID reserves the right to contact your previous employers for relevant information concerning your performance and may consider such information in its evaluation of the application.


The CO will provide instructions about how to complete and submit any required forms after an offeror is selected for the contract award.


Benefits and allowances are offered in accordance with the Local Compensation Plan (LCP).


The Contractor must observe Kenyan laws including those concerning income and related tax obligations.


USAID regulations and policies governing CCN and TCN PSC awards are available at these sources:

  1.  USAID Acquisition Regulation (AIDAR), Appendix J, “Direct USAID Contracts With a Cooperating Country National and with a Third Country National for Personal Services Abroad,” including contract clause “General Provisions,” available at
  2. ontract Cover Page form AID 309-1 available at Pricing by line item is to be determined upon contract award.
  3. Acquisition & Assistance Policy Directives/Contract Information Bulletins (AAPDs/CIBs) for Personal Services Contracts with Individuals available at
  4. Ethical Conduct. By the acceptance of a USAID personal services contract as an individual, the contractor will be acknowledging receipt of the “Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch,” available from the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, in accordance with General Provision 2 and 5 CFR 2635.  See
  5. PSC Ombudsman: The PSC Ombudsman serves as a resource for any Personal Services Contractor who has entered into a contract with the United States Agency for International Development and is available to provide clarity on their specific contract with the agency. Please visit our page for additional information:

The PSC Ombudsman may be contacted via: [email protected].